Trying to reach the stars while flying among them.
Usually just to love is just not enough.
Nobody likes to lose.
Some people just hate it more.
No one should be able to enter my home without my approval. Even vampires have a moral obligation to ask.
The finest piece of pork is as big as a solid dick. And just as tasty.
I'll put as little as possible in the cloud and you'll still know everything you want about me.
Russian spies once packed a man in hundreds of little boxes.
Is it just me or is it getting dark in here.
Emotional emptiness give you a remarkable amount of mental bickering.
There is a rain coming and I don't have you under my umbrella, ella, ella...
I once thought it would be beautiful to absolutely know something could last forever.
The Granny Smith green apples are the supreme race of apples even though they are an accidental mix.
More people die from suncream than sun rays.
When drinking absinthe burn around the sugar cube.
Know your history and whistle while you twurk.
If your piss smells like tuna what does it say about tuna?
You should never bitch about the beach.
Where is this paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty?
When life gives you lemons ask them where they came from. Go original. Go lime.
One should never wear khaki pants. Ever.
Most of us were ugly ducklings at one point.
Be grateful to yeast and bacteria for creating the alcohol you use to protect yourself from them.
If you're not cheerful you're not happy. Fuck you!
By emulating you just look like a prick.
My favourite singer just shaved one side of her head. I bet my hairdresser is as good as hers.
It's been only five days since I got this cool new haircut and I look like shit.
My friend is pregnant so I reserve the right to judge other people for not being on the right path.
Love always!
I'm unclear about this sinning thing.
Shouldn't you be hurting someone else in order to sin?
Is it a sin to hurt yourself? Slowly, day by day...
And if it is. Should I suffer more for hurting? Or shouldn't I be loved in an eventual afterlife?
If my love is a sin, could it be that God is an asshole?
Even shitting yourself can be a walk in the park.
Spit on my face while you fuck me so I know how much you care.
I whish you could sell feelings like you can sell copper.
Just try avocado and bacon in your sandwich for once you fuckin' vegeterian bitch.
Tities are good for a limited amount of time so don't overuse them.